vertical storage lift system

SAVE floorspace & MAXIMISE Productivity

> Built to order in under 8 weeks
> Local Maintenance & Servicing
> Customisable

vertical storage lift system

Introducing vertical storage lift system

Vertical storage solutions Pty Ltd offer the best alternative to the outdated vertical storage lift system | The efficient solution to enhancing your storage and order picking processes| Vertical carousel storage replacement | Fast and reliable Industrial automated storage system

Maximize Productivity, Output, and Storage Capability

  • Increase Productivity by 67%
  • Recover up to 85% of Floor Space
  • Picking Accuracy Enhanced by up to 99.9%
  • 100% Ergonomic Delivery

vertical storage lift system –Vertical Storage Solution – Constructional Features

  • The most advanced and cost-efficient Storage and Retrieval system for today’s Modern industries.
  • Utilises the unused vertical space in your warehouse for storage of your small to medium parts.
  • A fully enclosed system ensures protection to your parts during storage.
  • The PAL vertical storage system is available from 2.3 metres to 12 metres.
  • Modular construction makes extension of the unit effortless
  • Specially designed trays with up to 3 m2 storage area and can carry a load of 500 kg
  • Compact and modern design compared to other equivalent systems
  • Utilizing the best locally sourced components from suppliers the market knows and trusts


  • Smooth operation: The system ensures fast movement even at start – stop operations due to VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), avoiding possibility of damaging products.
  • Safe and secure: The safety curtains at the picking areas immediately stops the system in case the material the operator tries to access the shelf while the vertical lift it is running. Shutter door eliminates dust and contamination for the entire system and an emergency stop switch provides further safety.
  • Quick installation:  With local fabrication we have a quick turnaround and can produce a PAL VLM in 6- 8 weeks. Our specialized installers will commission the machine after 2 weeks of arriving at your premises.
  • Optimum space utilisation: Effective use of the optimum height in your warehouse results in floor space saving up to 80%.
  • Streamlined: One VLM operator replaces up to four conventional pickers from a traditional warehouse. You can utilise these employees in more critical areas in your warehouse.
  • User-friendly: Even an unskilled person with very little training can effectively operate the Parts Automated Lift Storage System.
  • Operations at a Click: Paperless picking is effortless with our bundled software applications. Manage all aspects of your inventory at the click of a mouse. Easy interfacing functionality of our software with existing systems.

Key Features

Made right here in Australia

Designed and manufactured on Australian soil, every PAL machine is custom-built to order by our local team of passionate technical experts.

Modular Design

Thanks to its modular design, the PAL can be extended from 2.3 metres to 12 metres, or any height in between, making it suitable for any environment.

Small Footprint

Save up to 80% of your floor space by neatly storing all small to medium-sized components in this handy, safe and convenient unit.

WMS Integration

By combining this Automated industrial storage solution with your current Warehouse Management System, you can support an improved, accurate, paperless picking system.

Short Lead Time

Locally manufactured with off-the-shelf components ensure short installation and service times.

Local Support

Our team of Australian-based technicians is always on-hand to provide remote diagnostic support and upgrades, to minimise costly downtime.

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Application Area- vertical storage lift system

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