PAL Vertical Storage Solutions

Not only does the PAL system have the capability for customised height, but varying tray widths are also available. Two models are currently available – the PAL Standard and PAL Max. More models and exciting new features are in development, so make sure you check in regularly for the latest updates!

PAL Standard

The PAL Standard holds a series of 3-metre-wide trays, each of which can store anything from 150 kg to 500 kg. The trays have individual storage areas of 2.469 m2, and the machine has a footprint of 10.1 m2. With a maximum live load capacity of 60,000 kg, the PAL Standard is a great investment for any company, small or large.


For larger businesses that require even more storage space that the PAL Standard is able to provide, the PAL Max is the ideal solution. This unit holds trays that are 3.6 m wide, each of which can store between 150 kg and 500 kg. The storage area per tray is an impressive 2.96 m2, and the machine has a footprint of just 11.9 m2. Maximum live load capacity is 60,000 kg.

Unsure which PAL model will best meet your needs?

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