Save Space

As your business grows, expanding or relocating your warehouse could be a costly exercise. The good news is, with a PAL you don’t need to worry! This industry-leading vertical storage solution allows you to capitalise on unused overhead space and can offer up to 85% more storage space when compared with a traditional shelving set-up. By freeing up extra floor space, you can take advantage of additional room to expand your manufacturing capabilities or stock capacity. With a PAL, the opportunities for your business really are endless!

Reduced Labour Requirements

Traditionally a picker will spend up to 60% of their working day searching for the right components to complete an order. However with a PAL, components are instead delivered right to the picker! This significant saving of time means your team can manage more orders. Equally, areas of the warehouse that previously required two-to-three pickers will probably now only need one, with the equipment used to help manage the same amount of stock.

Increased Picking

Increased Picking Speed

The pick-to-light system will immediately identify where the required item is and how many you have to pick.

A led light will illuminate the row , and a laser will show the depth of where the stock is stored. This will increase productivity greatly, which will in return result in more time picking.

Improved Picking

Improved Picking Accuracy

With picking being a manual process, there is a significant opportunity for human error to occur.The PAL can be integrated with a large variety of the available picking technologies that communicates the pick information to the operator to increase pick accuracy.
Together with our own pick to light system, these visual picking aids can increase accuracy up to 99.9%.

Improved Picking

Improved Picking Output

Traditionally pick rates are 50 lines per hour as pickers usually just fill one order at a time. The PAL uses the “goods to person” delivery concept to double picking output by eliminating walk and search time. The integrated pick to light system that guides the operator to the exact location of the item to be picked, can double this rate again.

Better Ergonomics

The PAL brings trays to the operator, reducing the need for pickers to walk between shelves, climb on ladders, and move between floors to retrieve stock. By bringing trays of stock to the operator, items can be handled at an ergonomically optimal height, also known as ‘the golden zone’.

The golden zone is the area in which you don’t have to bend down or reach above your head to grab something. Instead, all stock can be picked from the ideal height, reducing worker injury and fatigue, compensation claims, and insurance premium hikes.


With the modular design, almost any space height can be utilised. Access points can be placed on different floor levels on the same machine, front and back.

When your business grows, the PAL can grow with you. The machine can be extended at a later stage when your budget allows. This will save having to purchase a second machine unless it is necessary.

When your business does eventually decide to relocate, the PAL can move with you and can also be tailored to suit your new requirements by adding or removing levels.

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As the first vertical storage and lift machine to be designed and manufactured in Australia, the PAL has been created with the local market in mind.

Once you’ve placed your order, you won’t be expected to pay excessive import charges or wait months for your system to arrive from overseas. We have partnered with some of the finest local suppliers and manufacturers, to guarantee the best solution, delivered sooner, and at a reduced cost. Our Australian-based team of experts, coupled with access to quality local parts, allows us to provide unmatched levels of support, with issues resolved swiftly and operational downtime kept to an absolute minimum.

Security & Inventory Control

The PAL offers controlled inventory management to help keep your stock accounted for. If required, extra security measures can be in-built, including access for specific employees only, meaning any missing items can be easily tracked. The system also allows for stock levels to be monitored in real-time, providing valuable data to support management and replenishment.

Our commitment to the security and protection of your stock doesn’t stop there! Whenever the machine is not in use, an automated roller door will keep contents dust free within the enclosed unit, and protected from other contaminants.

Cost Savings

The money saved as a result of installing a PAL system can offer a game-changer for businesses. Your team will save hours every day by not having to run around in search of stock. Picking speed is increased thanks to the myriad of extra features built into the system. Your PAL is also considered a manufacturing asset for tax purposes.

Whether one kilogram or 500 kilograms, a PAL Vertical lift machine gives you all the functionality you need to enable efficient storage and retrieval operations, for a pleasant, professional, safe and productive workplace.

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